IT/Education Specialist                                                                             347-806-7809


  • Sep 2009 - May 2012 : Master of Arts (M.A.) in Computer Science specialized in Machine Learning Algorithms,   The City University of New York Queens College
  • Sep 2003 - Jul 2004 : Postgraduate Certificate in Database Administration and Development, The City University of New York Bernard M. Baruch College
  • Jul 2002 - Jul 2003 : Postgraduate Certificate in Microsoft.NET Technology, The City University of New York Bernard M. Baruch College
  • Aug 2001 - Jul 2002 : Postgraduate Certificate in UNIX Programming, The City University of New York Bernard M. Baruch College
  • Feb 1993 - Jun 1996 : Bachelor of Arts in Economics, majoring in Finance, International Trade and Agriculture



Webpage Classification - Natural Language Processing : K-nearest neighbors, K-means clustering, bigram/trigram/n-gram analysis,  tf-idf
Matching Engine for Targeted Ads (META) - Natural Language Processing : Cosine Similarity with tf-idf, K-nearest neghbor with if for ranking, Co-location with bigram probability for ranking

Image Data Extraction - Image Processing : Thinning-Expanding, Border Detection, K-Curvature and Arc-chord, Hough Transform

Machine Learning : Decision Trees, Support Vector Machines, Neural Networks(Multi-layer Perceptron Networks), Expectation Maximization, Hidden Markov Models, Semi-Supervised Approaches

AI with Multi-Sensory System for Effective Learning : Crowdsourcing for knowledge ontology, Object Oriented Database, Graphical Object Representation,  Concept association learning, Voice Profile, Lesson plans adaptation

Education and Parenting Projects : LANGUAGE LEARNING SYSTEM WITH AUTOMATED USER CREATED CONTENT TO MIMIC NATIVE LANGUAGE ACQUISITION PROCESSES (Patent pending),,, Parenting-Education-and Related Technology (Google+ Community),, Bedtime Story for Kids, Online Reading Network, Child Street Safely,,


May 2006 - Present : Information Technology Specialist, The United Nations NY Headquarter
Umoja , Department of Management

Data Governance

  • Organized meetings and coordinated with Business Process Expert to model SAP ERP Umoja Data Governance processes.
  • Participated in implementing the UN CRM iNeed to handle service requests from offices around the globe.
  • Initiated/designed/implemented SAP ERP Umoja Blackout and Deep field forms to process finance transactions during Blackout Period and in Deep Field areas.

Legacy Systems to Umoja crosswalk

  • Coordinated with Business Process Expert to model SAP ERP Umoja Crosswalk processes.
  • Maintained and enhanced crosswalk tool with User Interface analysis.
  • Designed and created Data validation programs to validate and transform data from legacy systems into SAP ERP Umoja formats.
  • Implemented color coded programs to facilitated Financial Analyst in data analysis.

Umoja Deployment and Production Support

  • Created a validation program to validate over 6,000 records in Umoja Deployment Team List based on configuration of rules and use color-code to highlight cells that need to be updated.
  • Collaborated with other team members to successfully implement Cluster 3 and 4. - Replace time consuming manual operations with newly created UserGroup/IntoSet/ABAP queries in Umoja ERP Central Component to extract data for Post-load validation process.
  • Created an online ticket tracking, monitoring and reporting as requested Umoja Deployment Lead.
  • Automated the creation of trend report by applying template formula that minimize manual updates.
  • Created a macro to manage trend graph legends. The macro automatically remove undesired legends and make the legends more presentable.

FIOS  - Financial Information Operation Services (Department of Management/Office of Programme, Budget and Accounts)

  • Database Administrator/Project Manager/Lead Developer for several projects related to Troops, Accounts Payable, Cash-on-hand and Reimbursement to the United Nations Member States - Developed and managed the integrated system that automate manual tasks performed by three different offices to minimize duplication of works and increase data integrity.
  • Business/System/Data Analyst for ERP Master Data Management - Developed and managed software programs to automate data preparation/validation/transformation.         


Aug 2004 - Apr 2006 : Human Resource Administration / NYC

  • Produced an Intranet application that enables multi-language electronic forms to be pre-filled, edited and versioned real time based on language indicator. This project enables the government agencies to comply with local law that will be enforced in 2009; creating electronic forms using Microsoft InfoPath, then forms are converted to Web forms by InfoView. Coding dynamic Web controls and business logic in C# to take user inputs and retrieve form templates from FileNet Content Service then load template and manipulate data with XML DOM. Forms are submitted back and kept versioning in Content Service. When case is done, forms will be imaged and submitted to FileNet Image Service for history record and review purposes.             
  • Maintained and developed automated system (Paperless Office System); creating electronic forms using Filenet eForm Designer and coding business logic in VB, C# converted to COM+ object and deployed from .NET application.
  • Successfully designed and created Data tracking and reporting system; coding in ASP.NET and using Web interface to call created SQL 2000 server stored procedures to display data or generate report in different formats.
  •  Successfully perform data migration of about 8 million records from legacy systems to MS SQL server.   

 Jun 2000 - Dec 2003 : Financial Advisor/Web Developer ,

  • Created Instant Payment Center to collect all international payments and shifted away time-consuming international mail payment.
  • Reduced operating cost, processing time by 700 percent and increased customers' satisfaction. 
  • Modernized operating process by using FTP Technology to exchange files between countries.
  • Conducted Re-engineering in data reporting system;increasing efficiency about 300 percent
  • Designed, maintained and developed Web pages to provide customers excellent shopping experience.   

May 1997 - Dec 1998 : Loan Officer , Standard Charted Nakornthon Bank      

  • Achieved Deposit And Loan Goals by Interviewing and analyzing information from prospective loan applicants with recommendation to branch manager.
  • Allocated and controlled credit lines in according with customer's direction.
  • Enlarged the number of loyal customers by organizing marketing plans and presenting road shows to prospects in the neighborhood of the bank.
  • Improved non-performing loans by advising and supporting customers to meet their financial liabilities according to bank policy